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0: Kathi Inman Berens, Curatorial Statement

Now, when almost all writing is done digitally and when easy-to-use tools empower anybody with a socket to "make stuff," ELO 14 asks: what makes us different?  Fifty responses to that question by artists from around the world converge for eighteen hours of live, on-site access at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee's Golda Meir Library.  Many of these works are not available in a browser: whether it's a generative poem exploring the expressive potential of pi, or a motion-based story you make via Kinect, MIDI sound mixer, tablet and computer, or a projected work displaying combinatory Twitter fragments of relationship breakups and patch-ups rendered into a 3-act dramatic structure: many of the works we're exhibiting can't be accessed in a browser. 

Visit the Media Arts Show in the Digital Humanities Lab 9AM-5PM Thursday and Friday June 19 and 20; 10-12noon Saturday June 21.  Description of all works and linked access to browser-based art are permanently archived here on this website. 

The Media Arts Show is free and open to the public.

Artists from France, Poland, Australia, Denmark, Norway, Canada, Ireland, Slovakia, Hong Kong, Russia, the United Kingdom, Italy, and the United States will exhibit work.  Artists will be on-site for two live Media Arts Demo Sessions Thursday June 19 2PM-3:30 and Friday June 20th 9AM-10:30.  They'll talk informally with guests as guests wander the floor and interact with their works.  Demo sessions are free and open to the public.

Evenings of Performance will start at 7:30PM Wednesday at the Hilton Doubletree, 7:30 Thursday at the Golda Meir Library, and 9:30 Friday at the Doubletree.  Evening shows are free and open to the public.  Schedule of performers is forthcoming shortly.

We who are steeped in "Acid Free Bits" understand more than most the ephemerality of digital art.  This show is a stay against decay, a moment we stretch to accommodate our passion for literary discovery and play.  An aubade.

The Featured works of the ELO 2014 Media Arts Show are:

  • Christian Ulrik Andersen, Jonas Fritsch and Søren Bro Pold: Ink After Print
  • anna anthropy -- And the Robot Horse You Rode In On
  • Abraham Avnisan -- quantum collocation: experimental poems for the iPad
  • John Barber -- radioELO
  • Joel Beeson & Dana Coester -- War Poems: Critical Race Theory in Database Narrative in Digital Public Histories
  • Alan Bigelow -- My Life in Three Parts
  • Jim Bizzocchi -- ReCycle 3
  • Amaranth Borsuk, Kate Durbin and Ian Hatcher -- Abra
  • Mez Breeze -- Wish4[0]
  • Andy Campbell & Christine Wilks -- Inkubus
  • Dana Coester -- The Reverberatory Narrative: Toward Story as a Multi-Sensory Network
  • M.D. Coverley -- Fukushima Pin-Up Girl
  • Luc Dall'Armellina -- HD Project
  • Christy Dena -- AUTHENTIC IN ALL CAPS
  • Claire Donato -- Claire Donato's "We Discuss Disgust: ’Patafeminism Rides The Digital Abject: Cixous, Kristeva, Lispector, Jackson, Hayles, Damon, Lorde, and Others"
  • Pierre Fourny (ALIS Company), Serge Bouchardon & Luc Dall'Armellina (i-Trace Collective) -- La Séparation/Separation
  • Natalia Fedorova -- Digital Lettrism
  • Caitlin Fisher -- Cardamom of the Dead
  • Christopher Funkhouser -- #4ArtForFreedom
  • Jacob Garbe & Aaron Reed -- Ice Bound
  • Ben Grosser -- ScareMail
  • Carolyn Guertin & Katherine Jin -- Wandering Mei Mei
  • Tully Hansen -- Writing
  • Daniel Howe -- AdLiPo
  • David “Jhave” Johnston -- Give Me Your Light
  • Jeff T. Johnson & Andrew Klobucar -- LETTERS FROM THE ARCHIVERSE
  • Eric LeMay -- The Montaigne Machine
  • Silvio Lorussio -- Douglas Rushkoff's New Book
  • Will Luers, Hazel Smith, Roger Dean -- Motions
  • Judy Malloy -- And Speak of Long Ago Times [part VI of  From Ireland With Letters]
  • Piotr Marecki & Aleksandra Malecka -- The Postulate to Hyperdescribe the World: Film Poems by Katarzyna Giełżyńska
  • Mark C. Marino & Family -- Mrs. Wobbles and the Tangerine House: The Mysterious Floor
  • Mark C. Marino & Rob Wittig and many participants -- Speidishow
  • Stacey Mason -- Stop & Smell
  • Maria Mencia, Jeneen Naji, Christine Wilks, Zuzana Husárová -- Upside-Down Chandelier
  • Joe Milutis -- Stéphane Mallarmé’s The Conversation
  • Nick Montfort -- Round
  • Judd Morrissey -- The Operature
  • Kathleen Ottinger -- Best.Hello
  • Joseph Peters -- (Re)Playing the Lottery
  • Scott Rettberg & Roderick Coover -- TOXI-City
  • Chris Rodley & Andrew Burrell -- Everything Will Be OK :)
  • Johanna Rodgers -- DNA: a Digital Fiction Project
  • Jim Rosenberg -- Inframergence
  • Anastasia Salter & John Murray -- View From Within
  • Catherine Siller -- Not-Not
  • Stephanie Strickland & Ian Hatcher -- Vniverse [adapted to iOS]
  • Eric Suzanne (né Meyer) -- The Obsolete Book in a Post-Obsolete World as Represented by a Post-Obsolete Book About Dance
  • Steven Wingate -- daddylabyrinth
  • Rob Wittig & Mark C. Marino -- The Mission [Statement] 

Dozens of new electronic literature writers answered my call for submissions to the Gallery of E-Lit 1st Encounters.  A warm welcome to all who submitted; artists from Mexico, Italy, Germany, Australia and the U.S. submitted work that captured the attention of the jurors.  These works will be featured on one machine at the Media Arts Show and permanently archived on the ELO14 website. 

Gallery of E-Lit 1st Encounters

  • Nichole Arvin -- Traces
  • Chester Cunanan -- wanted:Guild
  • Gabriel [Marquet] & Augusto [Wolfson] -- Anacrón: hipótesis de producto todo
  • Dominique Giles -- Don’t Panic
  • William Hicks -- Symmetries
  • Morgan Hutchinson -- Rea and the Squaw
  • Jaci Jones, Jason Robbins, Tyler Downey — @SONNETONEFOUR
  • mic mac — ION 1
  • Lans Pacifico --  A Certain Slant of Light, Typographically Speaking
  • Marion Schwehr -- #OutOfBlue
  • Hiram Sims & Steven Newell-- Bridle Your Tongue
  • Art is one part of the Media Arts show.  Community is another.

Many people at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee who'd not previously been involved with ELO have unstintingly offered their expertise, time and resources.  Ann Hanlon of the DH Lab secured ideal physical settings for the show and procured all of the equipment we borrowed, from computers to partitions to high-frequency microphone receptors, display tables, HD monitors and power strips.  She and Matt Russell have championed this show.  Without them it wouldn't have been possible.  Thank you, Ann and Matt, for being ideal partners.

UWM students, faculty and staff answered a call for assistance I posted on my website, and generously volunteered to aid with installation, supervision of art and machines, docenting, video recording evenings of performance, and show breakdown.  Thank you Renato Umali, Joseph Donelan, Kris Purzycki, Rachael Sullivan, Cristina Ossers, Hal Hinderliter, Jed Fudally, Eddie Danecki, Jim Burling, Justin Schumaker and Chris Williams.

Jurors Jonathan Baillehache, John Barber, Alan Bigelow, Jim Bizzocchi, Stephanie Boluk, Amaranth Borsuk, Jim Brown, Odile Farge, Caitlin Fisher, Jerome Fletcher, Leonardo Flores, Jacob Garbe, Susan Garfinkel, Samantha Gorman, Claudia Kozak, Eric LeMay, Adam Liszkiewicz,  Erik Loyer, Will Luers, Stacey Mason, Jeneen Naji, Aaron Reed, Anastasia Salter, Illya Szilak, Yra van Dijk, and Zach Whalen wrote brilliant and nuanced evaluations that became the core of the media arts selection process.  Thank you.

Thanks also to ELO President Dene Grigar, who taught me about curating, and ELO14 Program Committee co-chairs Sandy Baldwin and Marjorie Luesebrink, with whom I'm honored to work.  Finally I commend and thank our host at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Stuart Moulthrop, whose acumen and goodwill helmed this year-long endeavor.

Conference year: