Registration is now open! Please check below (follow Step 1 and Step 2) for instructions.

ELO'17 Conference Fee Includes: coffee breaks and lunches (4 days); merchandising (bag, notepads, badge, etc.); program and e-book with abstracts; access to all sessions of the Conference, Festival and Exhibits; Certificate of Participation.

The Conference fee does not include accommodation and dinners.

The Banquet (50€) is optional. In case you are interested in registering for the banquet but not as part of the Conference registration, please contact the Conference Chair (rtorres [at]

A small donation (only for Affiliated Artists or Scholars) is also optional and includes 12€ for bursaries to help students and unaffiliated artists.

ELO Membership is required (48€ for Affiliated Artists or Scholars; 24€ for Students, Unaffiliated Artists or Scholars).

There will be no refunds after payment.

Please note: The “Unaffiliated” rate is for Artists and Scholars not currently employed by Universities and other Institutions. You are required to register at the regular "Affiliated" rate if you are employed by a University or similar Institution

Payment Options:

  • Registration with Banquet and Donation for Affiliated Scholars: 310€ (200€ Conference fee + 48€ ELO Membership + 50€ Banquet + 12€ Donation)
  • Registration with Banquet for Affiliated Scholars: 298€ (200€ Conference fee + 48€ ELO Membership + 50€ Banquet)
  • Registration with Banquet for Students and Unaffiliated Scholars: 224€ (150€ Conference fee + 24€ ELO Membership + 50€ Banquet)
  • Registration without Banquet with Donation for Affiliated Scholars: 260€ (200€ Conference fee + 48€ ELO Membership + 12€ Donation)
  • Registration without Banquet for Affiliated Scholars: 248€ (200€ Conference fee + 48€ ELO Membership)
  • Registration without Banquet for Students and Unaffiliated Scholars: 174€ (150€ Conference fee + 24€ ELO Membership)

Step 1.


Note: Please save the receipt. You will need it for Step 2 (Online registration).

1.1. PayPal:


1.2. Bank transfer

To: Fundação Fernando Pessoa
NIB: 0010 0000 33491380001 75
IBAN: PT50 0010 0000 3349 1380 0017 5 BIC/SWIFT: BBPIPTPL
Bank Name: Banco Português do Investimento – Office: Arca D’Água – Porto – Portugal

Step 2.

Online registration

For Online Registration CLICK HERE (only after payment)

Invoices will be sent to you by email after Payment and Online Registration. For questions about registration and other logistics, you can email Paula Dias and UFP's GCI team (gci [at]

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