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Please note: Authors marked with an asterisk (*) will not attend the Conference and Festival.

Tuesday, July 18


16:00 - 18:00 Open Meeting @Sala Fernando Pessoa, EEPG

  • litElat - Latin American E-Literature Network [Chairs: Claudia Kozak & Leonardo Flores]


Wednesday, July 19


08:00 Registration @tba

08:30 Opening Words by UFP's Rector Salvato Trigo. Welcome by the Conference Chairs Rui Torres & Sandy Baldwin @Auditório

09:00 “Affiliations” Keynote @Auditório [Presenter: Sandy Baldwin]

  • Friedrich W. Block (Brückner-Kühner-Foundation/Kunsttempel, Germany), "Electronic Literature as Paratextual Construction"

10:00 Coffee Break @tba sponsored by Bloomsbury Academic Press

  • E-lit Book Fair (Bloomsbury, MIT, UFP, WVU, etc)


10:30 - 12:15 Session 1 #Papers @A1

Inventing Textual Machines [Chair: Stephanie Strickland]

  • Johanna Drucker (U. California Los Angeles, USA), "Amusements Electroniques"
  • Oscar Schwartz (Monash U., Australia), "The Aeolian Poetics: Computation as Metaphor for Poetic Invention in English Romanticism"
  • Johannah Rodgers (City U. New York, USA), "Plumbing the Depths of Print: John Peter’s ‘Artificial Versifying’ and the 17th c. Textual Machine in England"
  • Andy Simionato (RMIT U., Australia) & Karen Ann Donnachie (Australia), "Mallarmé’s Self-replicating Machine"
  • Agnieszka Przybyszewska (U. Lodz, Poland), "Milorad Pavić and Literary Interfaces for Non-linear Writing"

10:30 - 12:15 Session 2 #Papers @A2

Intertextual and Interactive Visions [Chair: tba]

  • Vinícius Pereira (Federal U. Mato Grosso, Brazil), "The Convergence between Print and Digital Literature in Blackout Poetry"
  • Alckmar Luiz dos Santos (Federal U. Santa Catarina, Brazil), "’O Cosmonauta’, a Digital Creation)"
  • Joshua Enslen (US Military Academy West Point, USA), "'As Aves que Aqui Twittam': New Media Variations of 'Canção do Exílio' and Brazil’s Twenty-First Century Socio-Cultural Landscape"
  • Yue-Jin Ho (Open U., Hong Kong), "The Battle of Simplified & Traditional: Chinese Text-based Interactive Installations and the French Lettrism"
  • Hartmut Koenitz (U. Utrecht, Netherlands), "The SPP Model - Theorizing Frasca’s Narrativist Approach Towards Interactive Narrative"

10:30 - 12:15 Session 3 #Papers @Salão Nobre

Ghosts in the Machines [Chair: Stuart Moulthrop]

  • Dene Grigar (Washington State U. Vancouver, USA), "The Sappho Syndrome: Concerns in Preserving Works of Born-Digital Media"
  • Sandy Baldwin (Rochester Institute of Technology, USA), "Swarm: Fatal Literature, Agrippa and Cicada 3301"
  • Jörgen Schäfer (U. Siegen, Germany), "Passing the Calvino Test? Writing Machines and Literary Ghosts"
  • Alex Mitchell (National U. Singapore), "Anti-Mimetic Rereading and Defamiliarization in Electronic Literature"
  • Mohsen Emadi (National Autonomous U., Mexico), "Reading Source Code: Depth and Surface in Digital Poetry"

10:30 - 12:15 Session 4 #Panels @Auditório

10:30 - 11:15

Building the Field: National and Transnational Strategies [Chair: Thea Pitman]

  • Leonardo Flores (U. Puerto Rico Mayaguez, USA), "Mainstreaming Electronic Literature"
  • Claudia Kozak (U. Buenos Aires, Argentina), "Experimental Communities and Creative Laboratories in Latin American Electronic Literature"
  • Verónica Gómez (National U. Littoral, Argentina), "E-literature Locations: National Elements for Global Positioning in the ELC3"

11:30 - 12:15

Aesthetics and Politics in Latin American Electronic Literature [Chair: Claudia Kozak]

  • Thea Pitman (U. Leeds, UK), "Hypertext and Biculturality in the Early Work of Lucia Grossberger Morales and Jacalyn Lopez Garcia"
  • Nohelia Meza (U. Pompeu Fabra, Spain), "Voices and Figures: Towards a Digital Rhetoric of Latin American Works of Electronic Literature"
  • Jaime Alejandro Rodríguez Ruiz (Pontificia U. Javeriana, Colombia), "Virtuality and Intermediation in Hypermedia: ‘Memorias y caminos’"
  • Carolina Gainza (U. Diego Portales, Chile) "Textualities, Politics and Languages of the Digital: Poetics and Aesthetics in the Chilean Digital Literature"

12:30 - Lunch / Break


13:30 - 15:15 Session 5 #Lightning Talks @A1

Writing Spaces for Augmented Readings [Chair: Mark Sample]

  • Svetlana Kuchina (Novosibirsk State Technical U., Russia), "On Generative Poetry: Structural, Stylistic and Lexical Features"
  • Vladimira Velicki (U. Zagreb, Croatia) & Damir Velicki (U. Zagreb, Croatia), "Hyperfiction and Reading, with Examples of Electronic Processing of Grimms’ Fairy Tales"
  • Gilles Rouffineau (ESAD Valence, France), "Is Literary Translation Really Useless in the Digital Field? MBCBFTW as a Case Study"
  • Agnieszka Przybyszewska (U. Lodz, Poland), "Liberacy in Context of Interfacial and Material Turn and What They Have in Common with E-literacy"
  • Ana Sabino (U. Coimbra, Portugal), "I Would Prefer Not to Turn the Page: Reading and Writing in the Unlimited Digital Space"
  • Robert Fletcher (West Chester U., USA), "All Lit Constantly Aspires Towards the Condition of Elit: Aestheticism and Augmented Reality"
  • Susana Fotu (Mills College, USA), "The Resurrection of the Cyborg-Reader: An Examination of User Engagement with Digital Poetry"
  • Patrick Lichty (Zayed U., United Arab Emirates), "Virtual Narratology and the Notion of Literary Spatial Form"
  • Vanessa Ceia (Harvard U., USA), "Imagining Spain in Popular Gaming: ‘Assassin’s Creed’, ‘Civilization VI’ and ‘Super Don Quix-ote’"

13:30 - 15:15 Session 6 #Lightning Talks @A2

Imagined Virtual Communities [Chair: tba]

  • Megan Heyward (U. Technology Sydney, Australia), "Locative Frictions: Locative Narrative post ‘Pokémon Go’"
  • Lise Kloster Gram (Aarhus Public Library, Denmark), Sigrid Bredkjær (Albertslund Public Library, Denmark) & Thomas Glud (Vejle Public library, Denmark), "The Missing Link between Electronic Literature and Public Libraries"
  • Christian Roth (U. Utrecht, Netherlands), "Beyond Geheimkunst: A Process to Verify Design Conventions for Digital Forms of Narration"
  • Daria Petrova (Russia), "The Social Media Poetry"
  • Tobi Hahn (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA) & August Polite (The New School, USA), "Memes and Myths: Performative Mythmaking in Online Meme Communities"
  • Layla Colon Vale (U. Puerto Rico, USA), "What We Talk About When We Talk About Fanfiction"
  • Mohsen Emadi (National Autonomous U., Mexico), "Folkloric Field-games and the New Horizons of Digital Poetry"
  • Grace Felstead (Australia), Megan Heyward (U. Technology Sydney, Australia) & Michael Finucan*, "The Alchemist’s Guide to the City"
  • Qianxun Chen (School of Creative Media, Hong Kong), "Morphosis"

13:30 - 15:15 Session 7 #Lightning Talks @Salão Nobre

Digital Poiesis, Digital Poetics 1 [Chair: Marjorie C. Luesebrink]

  • David Jhave Johnston (City U., Hong Kong), "CURVED: Literature for Bilingual Immersive Multi-screen Environments"
  • Susana Sulic (ALAPAE, Argentina), "Mar Muerto"
  • Franci Greyling (North-West U., South Africa), Bernard Odendaal (North-West U., South Africa) & Gustaf Tempelhoff (North-West U., South Africa), "Byderhand Tuinverse (At Hand: Garden Poetry)"
  • Joshua Enslen (US Military Academy West Point, USA) & Alaina Enslen (USA), "’As Aves que Aqui Twittam’: Visualizing the Influence of ‘Canção do Exílio’ in New Media"
  • Joshua Unikel (Seneca Review, USA) & Zachary Kaiser (Michigan State U., USA), "As // If"
  • Gustaf Tempelhoff (North-West U., South Africa), "Platform Design for Site-specific Digital Literature"
  • Jody Zellen (USA), "News Wheel and Other News Art Projects"
  • Andy Simionato (RMIT U., Australia) & Karen Ann Donnachie (Curtin U., Australia), "The Trumpet of the Swan, 2017"
  • Mia Zamora (Kean U., USA) & Joellyn Rock (U. Minnesota-Duluth, USA), "Azul Crossings"

13:30 - 15:15 Session 8 #Roundtable #Panel @Auditório

13:30 - 14:15

Discursive Affinities: Agglomeration or Integration? [Chair: Kate Armstrong]

  • Jerome Fletcher (Falmouth U., UK)
  • J.R. Carpenter (UK)
  • David Devanny (Falmouth U., UK)

14:30 - 15:15

Machine Learning and Electronic Literature [Chair: Anne Sullivan]

  • James Brown (Rutgers U. Camden, USA), "Spectral Symptoms: Machine Learning and E-lit"
  • Elizabeth Losh (College of William & Mary, USA), "Learning to Curse: Machine Learning, Bad Actors, and Electronic Literature"
  • Jeremy Douglass (U. California San Diego, USA), "Art in the Age of Mechanical Recommendation"

15:30 - Coffee Break


16:00 - 17:45 Session 9 #Papers @A1

Automating, Remixing, Recycling [Chair: Mark Marino]

  • Julia Polyck-O'Neill (Brock U., Canada), "Nonspecific Mediums: Conceptualism, Electronic Literature, and (Digital) Text as Affective Object"
  • Matti Kangaskoski (U. Helsinki, Finland), "Push to Make: Automation and Pushing the Virtual Button in Electronic Literature"
  • Lydia Tuan (U. Cambridge, UK), "When Bots Author: Further Explorations in Generative Literature’s Computational Sublime"
  • Liliana Vasques (U. Coimbra, Portugal), "Remixing and Textual Appropriation in Digital Poetry"
  • Piotr Marecki (Jagiellonian U., Poland) & Jan Argasiński (Jagiellonian U., Poland), "Internet of Things and Electronic Literature. Tadeusz Peiper's Spatially Blossoming Poem"

16:00 - 17:45 Session 10 #Papers @A2

E-lit World: S[outh]-N[orth]-E[ast]-W[est] [Chair: tba]

  • Salif Silva (U. Cape Verde), "Metafor[ma]: Metamorphoses of Cape Verdean Poetry"
  • Reham Hosny (Minia U., Egypt), "Roots and Shoots: History and Development of Arabic Electronic Literature"
  • Shanmugapriya T (Indian Institute of Technology Indore, India) & Nirmala Menon*, "Mapping the Ancient Literary Practices of India and Locating its Absence in Digital Literary Works"
  • Susie Cronin (U. Cambridge, UK), "Can we (still) Speak of a 'French' Digital Literature?"
  • Roberta Iadevaia (International U. Languages and Media, Italy), "(Ghosts of the) Generative Literature in Italy Between Past, Present and Future"

16:00 - 17:45 Session 11 #Papers @Salão Nobre

Thresholds and Transformations [Chair: Jerome Fletcher]

  • Amy Spencer (U. West of England, UK), "Literary Thresholds: Exploring the Edges of Ambient Literature"
  • Alexandra Saemmer (U. Paris 8, France) & Nolwenn Tréhondart (U. Paris 8, France), "Digital Poetry and Digital Industry: a Fatal Attraction?"
  • Jennifer J Dellner (Ocean County College, USA), "'These Memories Won't Last': Visual Representations of the Forgotten"
  • Amber Strother (Washington State U., USA), "Mary Shelley’s Hideous Progeny and the Reclaiming of the Monstrous Female Body in Shelley Jackson’s ‘Patchwork Girl’ and ‘Penny Dreadful’"
  • Matteo d'Ambrosio (U. Naples Federico II, Italy), "The Early Computer Poetry and Concrete Poetry"

16:00 - 17:45 Session 12 #Panels @Auditório

Integrated Poetic Publications Authored in Minas Gerais, Brazil [Chairs: tba]

  • Rogério Barbosa Silva (Federal Center of Technological Education Minas Gerais, Brazil), Caio Roberto Saldanha (Federal Center of Technological Education Minas Gerais, Brazil) & Amanda Rafaela Gomes Martins (Federal Center of Technological Education Minas Gerais, Brazil), "Poemaps: Perspectives for Creation and Circulation of Poetry in the Multimedia Context"
  • Pablo Gobira (State U. Minas Gerais, Brazil), "Aleph System: A Poetic Interface for Computational Works of Art"
  • Álvaro Andrade Garcia (Ciclope, Brazil), "Toy Poems and Free Software Managana: Challenges of a Transmedia Publication"
  • Wagner Moreira (Federal Center of Technological Education Minas Gerais, Brazil), Andre Menezes (Studio Alfavaca, Brazil) & Cardes Amâncio (Federal Center of Technological Education Minas Gerais, Brazil), "The Poetic Technical Image: to Think a Politics of the Look"
  • Francisco Marinho (Federal U. Minas Gerais, Brazil), "Computational Poetry: Processes of Collective Creation and Authorship between Men and Machines"
  • Carla Coscarelli (Federal U. Minas Gerais, Brazil) & Ana Elisa Ribeiro (Federal Center of Technological Education Minas Gerais, Brazil), "Literacy and Literature for the 21st Century"

18:00 - Bus/metro to Palacete Viscondes Balsemão


Thursday, July 20


09:00 “Communities” Keynote @Auditório [Presenter: Rui Torres]

  • Eugenio Tisselli (Mexico/Spain), "The Heaviness of Light"

10:00 - Coffee Break


10:30 - 12:15 Session 13 #Papers @A1

Breaking Borders, Cracking Codes [Chair: tba]

  • John Barber (Washington State U. Vancouver, USA), "Remembering the Dead: Electronic Literature as Memorial and Meme"
  • Paulo Silva Pereira (U. Coimbra, Portugal), "Migrations, Political Borders and the Digital Realm. Forms of (In)visibility and Disruptive Strategies in Literary and Artistic Activism"
  • Odile Farge (UNESCO ITEN CHAIR/FMSH/UP8, France), "Communities, Hacking, and Open-source Software: When E-lit Meets Digital Humanism"
  • Bruno Ministro (U. Coimbra, Portugal), "'Electricity Invading the World of Typography': Copy Art and Electronic Literature"
  • tba

10:30 - 12:15 Session 14 #Papers @A2

Collaborate and Improvise! [Chair: Robert Glick]

  • Meredith Dabek (Maynooth U., Ireland), "’Hipster Darcy’ and ‘Crazy Mrs. Bennet’: Parody Twitter Accounts and Fan Engagement in ‘The Lizzie Bennet Diaries’"
  • Jill Walker Rettberg (U. Bergen, Norway), "A Narrative Analysis of the Use of Social Media in SKAM"
  • Trent Hergenrader (Rochester Institute of Technology, USA), "Collaborative Worldbuilding for Writers and Gamers"
  • Rob Wittig (Meanwhile Netprov Studio, USA), "Blending Collaborative Writing and Live Performance; New Fictions in Netprov, LARP and Playable Media"
  • Mark Marino (U. Southern California, USA), "Communities Composing: Netprov in the Writing Classroom"

10:30 - 12:15 Session 15 #Papers @Salão Nobre

Digital Poiesis, Digital Poetics 2 [Chair: tba]

  • Thomas Wiesner (Bergen School of Architecture, Denmark), "Pataphysics and Serendipity: Almost Daily Moves in Space, Recorded [Concluding]"
  • Franci Greyling (North-West U., South Africa), "Site-specific Digital Literature: A Community of Practice"
  • María Mencía (Kingston U., UK), "The Poem that Crossed the Atlantic"
  • Andrew Klobucar (New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA) & David Ayre (GTR Labs, Canada), "The Community and the Algorithm: A Digital Interactive Poetics"
  • Will Luers (CMDC, USA), "A Chance for Cinema-Writing in Electronic Literature"

10:30 - 12:15 Session 16 #Panels @Auditório

10:30 - 11:15

Hermeneia: Fem-literature. Approaching Female Rhetoric, Voices, and Poetics in Digital Literature through Close and Distant Reading [Chair: Anastasia Salter]

  • Laura Borràs (U. Barcelona, Spain), "'Be Water, My Friend': On Liquid Metaphors in Digital Poetry"
  • Giovanna Di Rosario (Catholic U. Louvain, Belgium), "Mapping Female Voices in Digital Literature"
  • Oreto Doménech (U. Barcelona, Spain), "Woman and Poetic Narration in Christine Wilks’ works"
  • Laura Santacruz (Open Institute Catalunya, Spain), "’Amor’ and ‘Amor de Clarice’: Sights and Senses"
  • Perla Sasson-Henry (US Naval Academy, USA), "La mujer de M: A Transnational Narrative Representative of the Female Poetics in E-lit"

11:30 - 12:15

Communities in the Making: Motivations, Objectives, and Values of Creative Literary Networks Online [Chair: tba]

  • Erika Fülöp (Lancaster U., UK), "From Network to Community: Mapping the Literary (on) YouTube"
  • Emily Spiers (Lancaster U., UK), "The Convergent Evolution of Hypertext: Democratizing Effects of Open-source Platforms and Marginalized Communities"
  • Lyle Skains (Bangor U., UK), "Everyday Creative Futures: Writing Socio-technical Communities Online"

12:30 - Lunch / Break

13:30 Guided Tour with Mark Marino, Astrid Ensslin, Maria Goicoechea & Lucas Ramada Prieto, Curators of the Exhibit E-lit for Kids

14:00 - 15:15 #Workshops

  • Josephine Anstey (State U. New York Buffalo, USA), "The Alter Ego Workshop" @A1
  • Adrian Santuario (National Autonomous U., Mexico), "Build Your Own Twitterbot Poet" @A2
  • Trent Hergenrader (Rochester Institute of Technology, USA), "Collaborative Worldbuilding Workshop" @Salão Nobre
  • Hannah Ackermans (U. Utrecht, Netherlands), "Reading Infinity in 5 Minutes" @tba
  • Andrea di Serego Alighieri (Netherlands) & Martino Morandi (Belgium), "Subtractions and Suspensions: Adaptation Scripts" @tba
  • Christian Roth (U. Utrecht, Netherlands), Gabriele Ferri (Amsterdam U. Applied Sciences, Netherlands) & Mads Haahr (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland), "In-depth Analysis of Interactive Digital Narrative" @Auditório

15:30 - Coffee Break


16:00 - 17:45 Session 17 #Papers @A1

Electronormativity: Gender Questions in Digital Writing [Chair: tba]

  • Anna Gibbs (Western Sydney U., Australia) & Maria Angel*, "Cyberfeminism, Writing, and the Digital Ecology of Bodies"
  • Cláudia Silva (M-ITI/Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute, Portugal) & Valentina Nisi*, "Fostering Sense of Place and Belonging through Locative Literature among U.S. Latina Children and Adolescents"
  • Anne Karhio (National U. Galway, Ireland), "Acts of Opposition: Digital Aesthetics, Electronic Literature and Irish Cultural Institutions"
  • D. Fox Harrell (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA), Pablo Ortiz*, Peter Downs*, Elizabeth Carre*, Annie Wang* & Maya Wagoner*, "’Chimeria:Grayscale:’ An Interactive Narrative for Provoking Critical Reflection on Gender Discrimination"

16:00 - 17:45 Session 18 #Papers @A2

Close Reading the Digital Text 1 [Chair: tba]

  • Davin Heckman (Winona State U., USA), "'your visit will leave a permanent mark': Media Ecology, Media Economy, and Anthropocene Poetics in Eugenio Tisselli"
  • Robert Glick (Rochester Institute of Technology, USA), "J.R. Carpenter's Etheric Ocean, Depth Submersion/Subversion, and the Trans-Application Model"
  • Sandra Guerreiro Dias (U. Coimbra, Portugal), "The 'Big-Bang' History: Performance Art and Electronic Literature – A Case Study"
  • Ryan House (Washington State U., USA), "A Game by Any Other Name: An Examination of Film and Game Design Theory in Virginia"
  • Jianni Tien (City U., Hong Kong), "Cyborg Poetries: A Procedural Analysis of Poetics of Reading"

16:00 - 17:45 Session 19 #Papers @Salão Nobre

Mapping, Developing, Teaching: From Research Laboratory to the Classroom [Chair: tba]

  • Laura Sánchez Gómez (Complutense U. Madrid, Spain), "Mapping Spanish E-lit: Networks, Readings and Communities"
  • Mark Sample (Davidson College, USA), "Massive E-Lit: Teaching Digital Literature to Thousands"
  • Mia Zamora (Kean U., USA) & Alan Levine (USA), "Distilling The Elements of Networked Narratives with Digital Alchemy"
  • Damon Loren Baker (York U., Canada), "Web Native Technologies for Electronic Literature: York University AR Lab Technical Report 17-07"
  • tba

16:00 - 17:45 Session 20 #Panel #Roundtable @Auditório

16:00 - 16:45

E-Lit &/as Memory [Chair: James Brown]

  • Alexandra Saum-Pascual (U. California Berkeley, USA), "Memory Traces: Printed E-Lit as a Site for Remembrance"
  • Jessica Pressman (San Diego State U., USA), "Remembering Books in Electronic Literature: Ice-Bound Compendium as Archive and Aesthetics of Bookishness"
  • Germán Sierra (U. Santiago de Compostela, Spain), "Digital Art as (Net)Working Memory"
  • Lendl Barcelos (Kingston U., UK), "CMPRSSNST CNTRFCTS; or, Listening Away from Algorithmic Artifacts"

17:00 - 17:45

Exposé!! The Global Practice of Curating E-Lit Exhibits

  • Élika Ortega (Northeastern U., USA)
  • Alexandra Saum-Pascual (U. California Bekerley, USA)
  • Dene Grigar (Washington State U. Vancouver, USA)
  • Scott Rettberg (U. Bergen, Norway)
  • James Brown (Rutgers U., USA)
  • Robert Emmons (Rutgers U., USA)
  • Daniela Côrtes Maduro (U. Bremen, Germany)
  • Giovanna Di Rosario (Catholic U. Louvain, Belgium)

18:00 Bus/metro to Mosteiro de São Bento da Vitória


Friday, July 21


09:00 “Translations” Keynote @Auditório [Presenter: Dene Grigar]

  • Rita Raley (U. California Santa Barbara, USA), "Machine Writing: Translation, Generation, Automation"

10:00 Coffee Break


10:30 - 12:15 Session 21 #Papers @A1

I Sing the Body Electric [Chair: Johanna Drucker]

  • Ana Marques da Silva (U. Coimbra, Portugal), "Writing with Automated Machines: Between Translation and Sabotage"
  • Stuart Moulthrop (U. Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA), "Just Not the Future: Electronic Literature After the Fall"
  • Ali Pearl (U. Southern California, USA), "Digital Shrapnel: Violence, Time, Memory, and Forgetting in From then on Fire"
  • Bernard Odendaal (North-West U., South Africa), "The Film-verse Project as a Significant Contribution to Digital Poetry Developments in South Africa"
  • Penny Florence (UK) & John Cayley (Brown U., USA), "Language Made Art"

10:30 - 12:15 Session 22 #Papers @A2

Translation and/as Transmediation [Chair: tba]

  • Cosima Bruno (U. London, UK), "Translation and Digital Performativity in Hsia Yü’s ‘Pink Noise’"
  • Pedro Andrade (U. Minho, Portugal), "Digital Literature and Big Knowledge"
  • Oreto Doménech (U. Barcelona, Spain), "Translating the Translations: A Close and yet Constructed Reading"
  • Anne Royston (U. Utah, USA), "'Nothing is Hiding:' The Entropy of Mark C. Taylor's 'The Réal'"
  • Mariusz Pisarski (U. Warsaw, Poland) & Monika Górska-Olesińska (U. Opole, Poland), "Modernizing Eastgate Classics. Translation as Creative Betrayal"

10:30 - 12:15 Session 23 #Papers @Salão Nobre

Digital Poiesis, Digital Poetics 3 [Chair: Caitlin Fisher]

  • Simon Biggs (U. South Australia, Australia), "Dark Matter: Co­‐Reading as a Generative Ontology"
  • Christine Wilks (Bath Spa U., UK), "Translating the Digital Emotions of Interactive Fictional Characters"
  • Margaret Simon (North Carolina State U., USA) & Helen Burgess (North Carolina State U., USA), "A Kit for E-literature: ‘Intimate Fields’"
  • Kate Armstrong (Emily Carr U., Canada), "Path: A Generative Bookwork in 12 Volumes"
  • tba

10:30 - 12:15 Session 24 #Roundtables @Auditório

10:30 - 11:15

Translations and Renderings [Chair: Rui Torres]

  • Nick Montfort (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)
  • Leonardo Flores (U. Puerto Rico Mayagüez, USA)
  • Aleksandra Małecka (Jagiellonian U., Poland)
  • Ariane Savoie (U. Québec Montréal, Canada)
  • Natalia Fedorova (Smolny Institute, Russia)

11:30 - 12:15

A Transatlantic Take on Translating E-Lit: A Roundtable Discussion [Chair: Kathi Berens]

  • Arnaud Regnauld (U. Paris 8, France)
  • Sandy Baldwin (Rochester Institute of Technology, USA)
  • María Mencía (Kingston U., UK)
  • Søren Bro Pold (Aarhus U., Denmark)
  • Manuel Portela (U. Coimbra, Portugal)
  • Julie Chateauvert (U. Paris 8, France)

12:30 - Lunch / Break


13:30 - 14:15 Session 25 #Panel @A1

Forms of Translation: Experimental Texts Rewritten as Migrations to Digital Media [Chair: Penny Florence]

  • Marjorie Luesebrink (Electronic Literature Organization, USA) & Stephanie Strickland (Electronic Literature Organization, USA), "Axolotls and Perfume Bottles"
  • Donna Leishman (Glasgow School of Art, UK), "Cautionary Tale: Stories Made and Distributed through the Internet"
  • Angelica Huizar (Old Dominion U., USA [Brazil]), "Poetic Transliteration, Metaphysical Transpositions in Brazilian Digital Poetries"

13:30 - 14:15 Session 26 #Panel @A2

Mapping a Course for Mobile Arts and Literature [Chair: Robert Glick]

  • Bertrand Gervais (U. Québec Montréal, Canada), "Imaginary Montreal: Urban Literary Walks"
  • Alexandra Saemmer (U. Paris 8, France), "Ambulatory Hyperlinks"
  • Benoit Bordeleau (U. Québec Montréal, Canada), "Dérives or Ways to Keep Ourselves Grounded"
  • Sylvain Aubé (NT2, Canada), "Opuscules - littérature québécoise mobile"

13:30 - 14:15 Session 27 #Panel @Salão Nobre

Designing Hybrid printed&digital Books [Chair: tba]

  • Lucile Haute (EnsAD, France), Sophie Ciriello (EnsAD, France) & Jean-François Boulan (EnsAD, France), "From Bits to Paper: One Book, Two Supports"
  • Nolwenn Tréhondart (U. Paris 8, France) & Lucile Haute (EnsAD, France), "Publishing and Publicizing Digital Literature: Feed-Back about a Research-Creation Project"
  • Filipe Pais (EnsAD, France), "Books, Dada and Algorithms in the Age of Big Data"
  • Gilles Rouffineau (ESAD Grenoble, France), "Before Personal Computers, a Smart Letraset Graphical Implementation"

13:30 - 14:15 Session 28 #Roundtable @Auditório

Affinities of Invention, Language, and Knowledge: On The Emerging Shapes Of Immersive, Narrative, Computational and Database Arts [Chair: Sandy Baldwin]

  • Roderick Coover (Temple U., USA)
  • Lisa Swanstrom (U. Utah, USA)
  • Sharon Daniel (U. California Santa Cruz, USA)


14:30 - 15:15 Session 29 #Panel @A1

Translations: Transmediality & Adaptation [Chair: Rui Torres]

  • Domingo Sánchez-Mesa (U. Granada, Spain), "Adaptation as Transmedialization in E-literature: A Historical and Critical Overview"
  • Jan Baetens (Catholic U. Leuven, Belgium), "Photo Narratives and Digital Archives"
  • Nieves Rosendo Sánchez (U. Granada, Spain), "Transmediality, Digital Writing and Adaptation. From a Play to a Transmedial Experience"

14:30 - 15:15 Session 30 #Roundtable @A2

Translation Palindromes: Electronic Literature as Embodied Narrative [Chair: Marjorie C. Luesebrink]

  • Lai-Tze Fan (Concordia U., Canada)
  • Daniel Punday (Mississippi State U., USA)
  • Caitlin Fisher (York U., Canada)
  • David R. Lincoln (StoryCorps, USA)

14:30 - 15:15 Session 31 #Panel @Salão Nobre

Representational Multiplicities: Historical, Aesthetic, and Philosophical Implications of Digital Artifacts for E-literature [Chair: John Murray]

  • Elise Takehana (Fitchburg State U., USA), "The Digital and the Baroque: Confronting Hyper-Representation"
  • Jon Amakawa (Fitchburg State U., USA), "'Jenkins Lot AR', An Augmented Reality and Historical Interpretative app"
  • Mauro Carassai (California State U. Northridge, USA), "Reading E-literature and the Un-coded Model of Meaning"

14:30 - 15:15 Session 32 #Panel @Auditório

Test Pattern for Listening: Sound Poetry as Electronic Literature [Chair: John Barber]

  • Nuno Neves (U. Coimbra, Portugal), "Voice: Code Speaks Louder Than Words"
  • Tiago Schwäbl (U. Coimbra, Portugal), "Voice of Sound Poetry: Ample, Amplified, Samplified"
  • Anna Nacher (Jagiellonian U., Poland), "Vocalization"
  • Monica Górska-Olesińska (U. Opole, Poland), "Voice-based Performances"

15:30 - Coffee Break


16:00 - 17:45 Session 33 #Papers @A1

Receiving Digital, Transcoding Print [Chair: tba]

  • David Thomas Henry Wright (Murdoch U., Australia), "'Writing for' with Authority: Theorising an Electronic Edition of Shahriar Mandanipour’s ‘Censoring an Iranian Love Story’"
  • Luís Lucas Pereira (U. Coimbra, Portugal) & Manuel Portela (U. Coimbra, Portugal), "’Machines of Disquiet’: Textual Experience in the LdoD Archive"
  • Philippe Bootz (U. Paris 8, France), Hermes Salceda (U. Vigo, Spain) & María Inés Laitano*, "Generated Animated Remediation of ‘Nouvelles Impressions d’Afrique’ by Raymond Roussel"
  • Ana Machado (U. Coimbra, Portugal), Andy Campbell (UK), Ana Aguilar (U. Coimbra, Portugal), Ian Harper* & António Oliveira*, "’Inanimate Alice’ - The Story of the Series and its Impact in Portugal"
  • Laura Santini (U. Genoa, Italy), "Re-mediation and Code-switching in Contemporary E-literature and Codex Book Novels"

16:00 - 17:45 Session 34 #Papers @A2

Close Reading the Digital Text 2 [Chair: tba]

  • Lívia Bertges (Federal U. Mato Grosso, Brazil) & Vinícius Pereira (Federal U. of Mato Grosso, Brazil), "An Analysis of Arnaldo Antunes' GIF Poems"
  • Andrijana Kos-Lajtman (U. Zagreb, Croatia), "From Literature on the Internet to Internet in the Literature: QR Novel"
  • Søren Bro Pold (Aarhus U., Denmark) & Christian Ulrik Andersen*, "Reading Climate Change Through the Cloud: ‘Toxi*City’"
  • Daniel Escandell Montiel (U. Salamanca, Spain), "Green Text Stories, New Paths for Popular Short Autofictional Narrations. From the English Online Communities to Spanish Facebook Pages"
  • Vega Sánchez Aparicio (U. Salamanca, Spain), "I Also Know How to Think the Way You Do: An Error's Aesthetic in Visual Writings"

16:00 - 17:45 Session 35 #Papers @Salão Nobre

Touching Language in the Machine [Chair: tba]

  • Arthur Lefèvre (U. Paris 8, Vincennes Saint-Denis, France), "Random & Unpredictable: Can Algorithms Really Be Authors?"
  • Aaron Tucker (Ryerson U., Canada), "Deleuzian Repetition in Intersemiotic Machine Translation"
  • Diogo Marques (U. Coimbra, Portugal), "(Im)movable Bodies or (Un)moving Texts? Transmission of Affect and Signification through 'Inter-inactive' and 'Dysfunctional' Digital Interfaces"
  • Roger Dean (U. Western Sydney, Australia) & Hazel Smith (U. Western Sydney, Australia), "Deep Writing: Computational Exchanges between Language, Code, Computer Learning and Creative Writing"
  • John Cayley (Brown U., USA) & Daniel C. Howe (City U., Hong Kong), "Reading Language Art"

16:00 - 17:45 Session 36 #Panels @Auditório

16:00 - 16:45

Reading E-Lit and Print: Borders, Boundedness, Interlocutors [Chair: Lyle Skains]

  • Kathi Berens (Portland State U., USA), "Boundaries in Infinite Reading: What E-literature Can Teach Book Publishers"
  • Astrid Ensslin (U. Alberta, Canada), "The Interlocutor in Print and Digital Fiction: Dialogicity, Agency, (De-)Conventionalisation"
  • Élika Ortega (Northeastern U., USA), "Diasporic Media Architectures: Digital Literature in Latin America at the Intersection of Print"

17:00 - 17:45

Reimagining Interfaces and Interaction in Narrative Games [Chair: tba]

  • Anastasia Salter (U. Central Florida, USA), "You’re the Star of the Story? Adventure Games in Virtual Reality"
  • John Murray (U. California Santa Cruz, USA), "What is Chosen: Rethinking Choice-based Narrative Games Traversals"
  • Anne Sullivan (U. Central Florida, USA), "Crafting Play: Creating Tangible Artifacts from Player Narrative"

18:00 - Bus/metro to Mosteiro São Bento da Vitória


Saturday, July 22


10:00 “Friends of the ELO” Keynote @Auditório [Presenter: Marjorie Luesebrink]

  • Matthew Kirschenbaum (U. Maryland, USA), "ELO and the Electric Light Orchestra: Lessons for Electronic Literature from Prog Rock"

11:00 Coffee Break

11:30 Town Hall Meeting and ELO Members Welcome @Auditório [Host: Dene Grigar]

12:30 - Lunch


13:30 - 14:45 Session 37 #Lightning Talks @A1

Retooling the Tools [Chair: tba]

  • Pablo Gobira (State U. Minas Gerais, Brazil), Antônio Mozelli* & William Silva*, "Interactive Installation in Immersive Virtual Reality: ‘Look at yourself [Olhe para você]’"
  • Álvaro Andrade Garcia (Ciclope, Brazil), "Poetic Publications Authored with Free Software Managana"
  • Nickolas Procopi (Tufts U., USA), "Babel Babble"
  • Xiaosu Guan (State U. New York Buffalo, US [Germany]), "Multi-perspective Installation with AR Video Layers: ‘Not There There’"
  • Alex Mitchell (National U., Singapore) & The Cloud Farmers (Meanwhile... netprov studio), "Monstrous Weather: Cross-platform Retellings of a Networked Improvisation"
  • Jakub Bogusław Jagiełło (Adam Mickiewicz U. Poznań, Poland), "Indeterminacy of Translation"
  • tba

13:30 - 14:45 Session 38 #Lightning Talks @A2

Digital Poiesis, Digital Poetics 4 [Chair: tba]

  • Damon Loren Baker (USA) & Caitlin Fisher (York U., Canada), "Memory Palace: Ithaka"
  • Anna Tolkacheva (Russia), "Ingrian Lessons; New Interface. Gospel"
  • Stephanie Tripp (U. Tampa, USA), "Tampa Tarot"
  • Jose Aburto (Peru) & Rui Torres (U. Fernando Pessoa, Portugal), "O Poema do Porto - Statistical Poetry"
  • Bruno Ministro (U. Coimbra, Portugal), "Collected Works (2008-2016)"
  • Nicholas Knouf (Wellesley College, USA), "'On Your Wrist is the Universe': Chrono- and Cosmo-poetics"
  • tba

13:30 - 14:45 Session 39 #Papers @Auditório

E-Lit for Children [Chair: tba]

  • Thales Estefani (Federal U. Juiz de Fora, Brazil) & João Queiroz*, "Children’s Picturebook Goes Digital: Implications on Cognition"
  • Hannah Ackermans (U. Utrecht, Netherlands), "Electronic Literature: A Coming-Of-Age Story"
  • Monica Daisy Vieira Araújo (Brazil) & Isabel Cristina Alves da Silva Frade (Brazil), "Digital Literary Reading Experiences by Young Readers"
  • Marina Gabelica (U. Zagreb, Croatia) & Dubravka Težak (U. Zagreb, Croatia), "Electronic Children's Literature Criticism – Exploring Electronic Picture Books"

15:00 - Coffee Break

15:30 - Bus/metro to Passos Manuel


19:30 Banquet @ATENEU [Hosts: Dene Grigar & Sandy Baldwin]

22:00 Closing party E-lit Jam! @MAUS HÁBITOS

23:00 Closing party E-lit Jam! (continued) @PASSOS MANUEL

Sunday, July 23

10:30 - 14:00 ELO Directors Meeting @Sala Fernando Pessoa, EEPG, UFP

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