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University of Bergen, Sydneshaugen Skole and Egget



University of Bergen Arts Library
For ELO2015 the Unviersity of Bergen Arts Library will be hosting the ELC3 Preview Exhibition.
Address: Haakon Sheteligs plass 7, 5007 Bergen


Bergen Public Library 
Bergen Public Library is the second largest public library in Norway. For ELO2015 the Bergen Public Library will be hosting the "Kid-E-Lit: Digital Narratives for the Young" exhibition in conjunction with their Digital Arena program.
Address: Strømgaten 6, 5015 Bergen


Gallery 3, 14
Gallery 3,14 is a non-profit art institution centrally located in the heart of Bergen, Norway— almost exclusively working with international exhibitions and partnerships, with an emphasis on contemporary art beyond the western discourse. For ELO2015 Gallery 3.14 will be hosting the "Decentering: Global Electronic Literature" exhibition.
Address: Vågsallmenningen 12, 5014 Bergen


Lydgalleriet is an experimental gallery for sound based art practices, and exhibits international sound based art as well as initiates local art production in Bergen. For ELO2015 Lydgalleriet will be hosting the "Hybridity and Synesthesia: Beyond Peripheries of Form and Consciousness" exhibition. Lydgalleriet is located in the same building as Østre - a performance and concert venue for electronic music and sound art. For ELO2015 Østre will be hosting the performance program featuring live readings and performances of works of electronic literature.
Østre Skostredet 3, 5017 Bergen 


Visningsrommet USF Verftet
Visningsrommet USF is a gallery where Norwegian and international artists present contemporary art. Visningsrommet USF is an experimental and non-commercial gallery. For ELO2015 Visningsrommet USF will be hosting the "Interventions: Engaging the Body Politic" exhibition.
Address: Georgernes Verft 12, 5011 Bergen



Hotel Norge Raddison Blu is the official conference hotel. See the Accomodations link to register for a room by June 30, 2015 to take advantage of the conference rate. 

See Google map of all venue locations.