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Submission Guidelines

For this iteration of the conference, we are using the EasyChair submission and review system: We will post answers to frequently answered questions about the submission process on this page. For the different types of submissions, please include the following information.

After creating your easychair account, you will indicate whether you are submitting to the Research, Workshop, or Arts program track.

Research Submissions

Indicate what presentation category (format) your submission should be assessed as: Paper, Panel, Roundtable, or Lightning talk.

Each form will have a fields for title, authors, abstracts, keywords, and attachments.

If the submission is for a standard paper, include an abstract of about 500 words. Also include references to critical and creative works that will be cited in the paper.

If the submission is for a panel, use the abstract field for an overview of the panel. Also attach a PDF or txt file with individual abstracts for each paper included in the panel.

If the submission is for a roundtable, submit one 500 word abstract in the abstract field.

If the submission is for a lightning talk, submit one 250 word abstract in the abstract field.

All submissions should included keywords and a complete list of authors. The primary contact author should be the person submitting the proposal.

Workshop Submissions

For workshop submissions, the author fields should include the names of workshop convener(s).

In the abstract, please include a description of the workshop (up to 500 words). In the same field, also indicate the duration (half day - 3 hour or full day - 6 hour). Describe any technical requirements (e.g. computer lab) and software that should be installed in the room where the workshop would take place. Indicate if there is any prerequisite knowledge required of workshop participants. Indicate the maximum number of participants. If there are any materials required, please describe and indicate costs. Attach any images that you would like to include with promotional materials.

Arts Festival Submissions

For Arts Festival submissions, submit an abstract of up to 500 words. Also indicate if the work is new (being created for this event), or existing. In addition to the authors of the work, include the names of any other contributors or translators and describe their role. Please include a URL if the work or documentation of the work is online. If the work was previously developed, please include the year of its first release. Please indicate the platform(s) in which the work is produced.

In addition, please include information about:

Presentation format: Describe the conditions under which the work would be optimally shown. Please also describe alternative scenarios for showing the work if the optimal situation is not available.

Materials and Equipment: Describe particular materials or conditions are required exhibit the work, please describe and include budget for materials or rental of equipment that would be required (cpu, monitor, projector, speaker, cables, etc.).

Technical notes: Describe how the user interacts with the work and any specific technical requirements.

Images attachment: If you have screenshots, etc. or sketches of of how the work would be installed, please include these as attachments.