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Logistics -- Arrival

Arrival in Bergen

All flights coming into Bergen arrive at Bergen Flesland airport.

Bergensers often take advantage of the arrival duty-free shop on arrival in the airport, as beer, wine, and spirits are quite expensive in Norway.

When you arrive in Bergen, the best way to get into town is theĀ Flybussen, which picks up directly outside the main entrance of the airport. There is also an ATM inside the aiport to right of the main entrance if you need cash. The Norwegian Kroner is the local currency. To give you a general idea of the exchange rate, the current rate is about 8 NOK to the USD, so 800 NOK is about $100.

You can generally get by with using a credit card, for example in taxis, though American credit cards that do not have a pin and chip system will not work in some shops.

The airport bus is 160 NOK for a return ticket.

Cab fares vary depending on time of arrival and number of bags, but 400-600 NOK is normal from the airport.

The conference hotel, Hotel Norge Radisson Blu, is about a block from the Festplassen stop. If you tell that driver that you are are going to Hotel Norge Radisson Blu, he will notify you when you are there.