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Monika Gorska-Olesinska


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Monika Górska-Olesińska is assistant professor at the Department of Theater, Film and New Media at the University of Opole, Poland. She is a specialist in media studies. Her current research focuses on digital poetry, electronic discourse and new media art. She is the author of several articles have which appeared in peer-reviewed journals (Cultural Studies Review, Kultura Współczesna, etc.) and anthologies. She published a book entitled Słowo w sieci. Elektroniczne dyskursy (Word in the Web. Electronic Discourses) in 2009. She is the co-editor (with Eugeniusz Wilk) of Od liberatury do e-literatury (From Liberature to E-Literature) (2011) and editor of the forthcoming book Liberatura, e-literatura i… Remiksy, remediacje, redefinicje (Liberature, E-Literature and... Remixes, Remediations, Redefinitions).
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