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Maiusz Pisaski

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Mariusz Pisarski is founder and chief editor of Techsty, an online journal publishing hypertext fiction and poetry. He is the creative director for e-literature published by Korporacja Ha!art. He is the author of "Xanadu. Hypertext Methamorphosis of Fiction" (Kraków 2013). His electronic literature translations include “Hypertextual Consciousness” by Mark Amerika, “L0ve0ne” by Judy Malloy, “Hegirascope” by Stuart Moulthrop, and collaborative opus magnum: afternoon, a story by Michael Joyce (translated with Radosław Nowakowski and Jakub Jagiełło). He is editor of Michael Joyce: a Polish writer – a chapbook, and Literary Hypertexts. Literature and the New Media (Kraków 2011, with Piotr Marecki) and Hyper(de)Scription. On film poems of Katarzyna Giełżyńska (Kraków 2012, with Piotr Marecki). He holds a PhD degree on hypertext from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, and lives in London.
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