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Beat Suter has a ph.D. from the University of Zurich, Switzerland. His thesis on hyperfiction (1999) was one of the first in the German speaking areas. He works as lecturer for game design at the University of the Arts Zurich, Switzerland and at the Merz Academy in Stuttgart, Germany. He also works as publisher of edition cyberfiction and co-publisher of And he is founding member of the art group AND-OR ( with works like Searchtrilogy (cooperation with Johannes Auer), AndOrDada, Laichenberg, Pikselbacteria. Books: Hyperfiction. Hyperliterarisches Lesebuch: Internet und Literatur (Hg.), mit CD-ROM. Basel/ Frankfurt a. M.: Stroemfeld/ Nexus 1999; Hyperfiktion und interaktive Narration im frühen Entwicklungsstadium zu einem Genre, Zürich: Update Verlag 2000; Serious Game Design für die Psychotherapie (Mithg.), Zürich: Update Verlag 2007; Archivierung von digitaler Literatur: Probleme – Tendenzen – Perspektiven. Archiving Electronic Literature and Poetry: Problems – Tendencies – Perspectives (Mithg.), Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang 2010.
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