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Tully Hansen, Writing


Tully Hansen is a writer and scholar of electronic literature based at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. He maintains a particular interest is in interactive fiction and the literary potential of Twitter bots. His writing has appeared in Overland, Crikey and The Lifted Brow, and in 2012 he was recipient of the inaugural 2012 Monash Prize in Creative Writing for his suite of poems Grey Throughs in Break Rooms.


Writing (2012) was inspired by and built with Joe Davis’s Telescopic Text, pairing the possibilities of expanding, effacing essay with the musings of a Monson or a Mezzanine. An introspective, interactive non-fiction, the work unfurls, an exploration of the processes of composition as much as a finished literary product. As the piece grew to dozens of junctions and thousand of words, the editing interface slowed dramatically, each erasure oredit taking a minute or more. This in turn forced an accountability to first thought – it became easier to publically ‘rewrite’ mistakes, misspeaks and infelicitous phrases than to invisibly edit them away. The result is a thinking aloud on the (web)page, a map to the writer’s trains of thought for the reader to unfold and explore. Writing featured in the 2013 electronic poetry edition of Australian literary journal Overland.

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