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Steven Wingate, daddylabyrinth

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Steven Wingate is the author of the short story collection Wifeshopping and two prose poem collections, The Birth of Trigonometry in the Bones of Olduvai and the forthcoming Thirty-One Octets: Incantations and Meditations. His work has appeared in Mississippi Review, Gulf Coast, Colorado Review, Witness, Puerto del Sol, and Fiction Writers Review, where he is associate editor. He teaches at South Dakota State University, where he directs the Great Plains Writers’ Conference, and the Augsburg College low-residency MFA program. His new media memoir, daddylabyrinth, grows out of his long-term interest in the interstices between literature and cinema.


daddylabyrinth is an interactive new media memoir, a combination of traditional writing and personal video assembled and delivered through the authoring system SCALAR <>. It exists at the cusp of several forms—the lyric essay, the archive, the family history, the home movie—and delves into questions that shape our contemporary narrative practices, such as navigational readership and new ways of experiencing the cinematic. 

daddylabyrinth is a father/son book, in a long tradition of such, refracted through the lens of new media’s narrative possibilities. The legacies of my father that I carry—objects he left behind and a flotilla of unresolved emotions that continue to vex my self-identity nearly forty years after his death, when I am a father myself— resist any single linear narrative. I turned to SCALAR for this project because it lets me create multiple, interlocking narrative lines, through which I explore interrelationships between objects, incidents, and impressions.

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