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Stephanie Strickland and Ian Hatcher, Vniverse [iOS adaptation]


The VNIVERSE app is a poetry instrument you can play. In DRAW mode, touch and drag to create your own constellations. In CONSTELLATIONS mode, explore the ten constellations found in the coordinate print book, V : WaveTercets / Losing L’una (SpringGun Press, 2014). WAVETERCETS plays the entire run of poem tercets for you, starting at the beginning. Or, by touching any star, you may begin anywhere you like. ORACLE lets you pose seven questions to the sky. CLEAR button clears the sky.

Stephanie Strickland’s V was first published by Penguin (2002) as an invertible book with two beginnings, V : WaveSon.nets / Losing L’una. Mid-book, a URL leads to V : Vniverse (2002, Director project with Cynthia Lawson Jaramillo). Another part of V is the Flash poem, Errand Upon Which We Came (2001, with M.D. Coverley). The Vniverse app for iPad was created in 2014 with Ian Hatcher.


Ian Hatcher is a text/sound/performance artist, musician, and programmer living in Brooklyn. He has performed code-inflected poetry readings at the Kitchen (NYC), the Bibliothèque nationale in Paris, E-Poetry festivals in London and Buffalo, &NOW in San Diego, and at the Chicago Cultural Center. Recent poetry has appeared in The Claudius App, LIT, Web Conjunctions, and CLOCK. Recent projects include collaborations on two poetry apps for the iPad: Vniverse, with Stephanie Strickland, and Abra, with Amaranth Borsuk and Kate Durbin. He is the primary composer and accompanist for the Moving Architects dance company. More info and projects can be found at

Stephanie Strickland’s 7th book of poems, Dragon Logic, was published by Ahsahta (2013). Her V : WaveTercets / Losing L’una appeared from SpringGun Press (2014), accompanied by the Vniverse app for iPad, created with Ian Hatcher. She has collaborated on 9 digital poems, most recently Duels—Duets and House of Trust. Awards include two Di Castagnola Prizes from the Poetry Society, the Sandeen and Brittingham Awards, NEH and NEA Awards, and Boston Review, Best American Poetry, and Pushcart prizes. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Electronic Literature Organization and co-edited ELC/1.

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