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Rob Wittig & Mark C. Marino, "The Mission"


Rob Wittig loves to find emerging venues of everyday communication and create fictional characters there. Just try and stop him. He’s created imaginary home pages , novels in e-mail, fictional companies and their fictional forums, and now works in a transmedia form he’s dubbed netprov — networked improv narrative — that uses the media of the moment (currently Twitter & Tumblr) to spin collaborative yarns in real time. He lives, writes and teaches in the upper Midwest. 

Mark C. Marino, when he is not masquerading as Spencer Pratt or Heidi Montag on social media, writes interactive stories and makes homemade pasta sauce in Los Angeles.

Project Description 

“The Mission [Statement],” is a participatory drama performed in online productivity software (Google Docs/Google Drive).

Oh, the horror. Imagine that you have been assigned to a virtual work-group and tasked with doing “a small piece of writing” together. You sign in to a Google Drive online word-processing page where waiting for you, live, in the main text of the document, the chat function and the comments zone are: 1) the charismatic, enthusiastic and clueless founder of a fictional start-up business; 2) a surly, resentful employee or two, and 3) other plucky workgroup members just like you from the ELO conference audience. Without realizing it, you have been plunged into the darkest circle of Hell. The challenge before you? Nothing less than the collaborative composition — in ever-so-real time — of the fictional business’s Mission Statement! Which feuding faction will you join? Or will you try to play the “the reasonable one,” the “peacemaker?” [demonic laughter]

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