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Luc Dall’Armellina, HD pen


HD stands for Haute Densité (High Density) but also for Harley Davidson, for this is the brand of my very european designed Sportster XR 1200 bike, made in Milwaukee, WI, USA. While riding it I will film journeys from my home (Montreuil) to the Cartography Department at National Archivals (Pierrefitte-sur-Seine) near Paris, France.

I will therefore be continuing the idea of genuinely «writing by riding» because my ride won’t be determined by the need to reach a location point, like a GPS could help me to do it, but to draw on the map of the city letters that will make words. Through this process the motorbike becomes a pen which allows me to write. This motorized sign-writing journey will ultimately be showed by video. The latter will be enriched by the background reading of a text discussing Jorge Luis Borgès « On Exactitude Of Science » from « A Universal Story Of Infamy » (1951). In this text Borgès uses the tale genre to reflect on the relation between maps and the territories they represent, and eventually raises the question of the relation between Art and Technique, Science and the empirical world.


Luc Dall’Armellina is a french writer and a designer of digital devices, assistant professor, researcher in arts and design, now at EMA (School, Changes, Learning) laboratory, Cergy-Pontoise University (FR). He recently wrote and played : « flu#3 », BNF (Bibliothèque Nationale de France) ELO Paris 2013 ; Lavoir moderne, Paris, 2013 ; PNF Lettres, BNF Paris 2012 ; « flow#2 », galerie Xavier Jouvin, Grenoble, 2011 ; l’Ete des Arts, Chevigny 2010 ; Nuits-Blanches Paris 2009 ; « flog#1 » Nuits-Blanches Paris 2009 ; MidiMinuitPoésie 2009 Nantes ; revue « Gare Maritime » 2010 ; Synesthésie St Denis, 2009, 2009 ; e-formes 2008 St Etienne ; semaine de l’Art Contemporain, Annecy, 2009. His practices, from teaching to writing experimentations to research, clearly show a deliberate option for considering the links between art, technology and philosophy under a general perspective in places where we are both ignorant and knowledgeable.

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