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John Barber, Radio ELO


John F. Barber teaches in the Creative Media & Digital Culture program at Washington State University Vancouver. He is the developer and curator of Brautigan.NET (, an online, interactive information structure known as the preeminent resource on the life and writings of American author Richard Brautigan. Recent publications include "Internet radio and electronic literature: locating the text in aural narratives." (ebr [electronic book review], 3 May 2014; and "Walking Talking: Flâneurs, Soundscapes, and the Creation of Mobile Narratives" (The Mobile Story: Narrative Practices with Locative Technologies. Jason Farman, ed. Routledge Press, 2014).


radioELO ( is part of the larger Radio Nouspace (, a web-based radio station which seeks to archive and curate sound(s), in both streaming and on demand formats, associated with digital storytelling. The focus of radioELO is multiple: 1) Sound (environmental, mechanical, soundscapes, and human vocalization) provides the basis for narrative, the heart of every literary experience; 2) Rather than sound(s) IN electronic literature, sound(s) might be heard AS electronic literature; sound(s) might form the basis for new works of electronic literature; 3) Evolving considerations of web-based radio, inspired by radio arts and radio drama, may provide models for new forms of electronic literature that are deep, rich, engaging, and immersive literary experiences, and that locate the text not (solely?) in the acts of reading and writing, but also in the act of listening. As a result, radioELO is both an online, interactive installation / performance work and a practice-based research site exploring the connections between electronic literature and sound.

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