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Jim Rosenberg, Inframergence


I was born in 1947. My work has included a wide variety of forms including linear work, works for multiple voices both live and on magnetic tape, and word environments constructed in San Francisco and New York. I began a life-long concern with non-linear poetic forms in 1966, with a series of polylinear poems called Word Nets. By 1968 this concern had evolved to an ongoing series of Diagram Poems, which continues to the present. This body of work includes Diagrams Series 3, Diagrams Series 4, Diagrams Series 5, and Diagrams Series 6Since 1988 my work has consisted of interactive poems, beginning with Intergrams, originally published by Eastgate Systems, followed by Diffractions through: Thirst weep ransack (frailty) veer tide elegyand The Barrier Frames: Finality crystal shunt curl chant quickening giveaway stare, also originally publsihed by Eastgate. All of this work, along with my most recent large work, The Inframergence, is available on the Internet at


The Inframergence is a large poem written from approximately 2007 through 2013. The outer interface is a spiral of buttons, each of which leads to a screen. Although the screens may be read in any order, the buttons are arranged in the order written chronologically, from the outside in. On the outside of the spiral the screens are polylinear; as you move to the inside they become less and less linear and then structure begins to emerge. This structure is a form of protosyntax; in a way The Inframergence is a kind of “prequel” to the diagram notation used in much of my work.

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