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Jim Bizzocchi, Re:Cycle 3


Jim Bizzocchi's Ambient Video series of artworks explores a new genre for the moving image ( Ambient video art must meet a difficult creative challenge. It can never require your attention, but must always reward attention with visual pleasure. Jim's video art and installations have been widely exhibited internationally. Jim is an Associate Professor at Simon Fraser University, where he is the recipient of the university's Excellence in Teaching award. His research interests include interactive narrative, the evolving poetics of the moving image, and the development of computational video sequencing and presentation systems. He has been awarded a three-year research grant from the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) to further develop Re:Cycle, his computational video art work.  His artistic creation and his scholarly explorations work within a mutually synergistic dynamic - each direction informs and is informed by the other.


Re:Cycle 3 ( is a generative ambient video art piece based on nature imagery.  Ambient video is designed to play in the background of our lives. The visual aesthetic supports a viewing stance alternative to mainstream media - one that is quieter and more contemplative - an aesthetic of calmness rather than enforced immersion. An ambient video work is therefore difficult to create - it can never require our attention, but must always reward viewer attention when offered. A central aesthetic challenge for this form is that it must also support repeated viewing. Re:Cycle 3 relies on a generative recombinant strategy for ongoing variability and replayability, combined with a system of tagging to introduce a degree of coherence and flow to the video sequencing. It is built  upon two databases: one of tagged video clips, and another of video transition effects. This new piece extends earlier work on the system by introducing a more complex tagging and rule structures for the sequencing of images.  It also includes an expanded database of video images. The piece will run indefinitely, joining clips and transitions in randomly varied combinations.

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