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Daniel C. Howe, AdLiPo


AdLiPo is a browser plugin (Firefox/Chrome) that replaces advertisements with computationally-generated language art. Leveraging the ad-detection techniques of popular ad-blocking software, AdLiPo not only blocks ads, but replaces their content with calls to a generative language library or plugin (e.g. the RiTa library), filling the advertising regions of arbitrary pages with static or kinetic text, dynamically created for the specific context (the containing web-page, advertising-content, and dimensions of the ad-frame). For the author of the ad-replacing code, this presents a unique set of spatial and thematic constraints for authorship directly across the face of the browser, arguably the most important technological interface of our time. The proposed installation presents one realization of the AdLiPo framework, composed by the author, but also demonstrates (and documents) its potential as a system for other language artists to leverage in their own work. Installation: Computer, Mouse, Keyboard, preferably a large-screen Display (>= 27")


Daniel C. Howe is an artist, writer, and critical technologist, whose work focuses on networked systems for image, sound and text, and on the social and political implications of computational media. He has a Ph.D. in computer science and an MFA in interactive media and digital literature. He currently lives in Hong Kong.  

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