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Andy Campbell & Christine Wilks, INKUBUS


Inkubus is a first-person playable coming-of-age story, in media-rich 3D, about a contemporary teenage girl, who’s connected and clued in. But what lurks in the deepest darkest regions beyond the screen? The story-game progresses via skewed and leading questions, designed to distort the girl's behaviour, before being drawn into a visceral labyrinth where a malevolent force peddles a destructive artificial feminine ideal. With creeping awareness, the girl/the player struggles with the insidious gender stereotyping, where womanhood is rendered as malleable and polymorphic as a digital doll, that threatens to drain her of life.


Andy Campbell is the Director of Digital Media for the UK Charity One to One Development Trust and the founder/lead developer of Dreaming Methods, a portfolio of electronic literature established in 1999.

Christine Wilks is a British digital writer, artist and developer of playable stories. Her digital fiction, Underbelly, won the New Media Writing Prize 2010 and the MaMSIE Digital Media Competition 2011. Her work is published in online journals and anthologies, including the 'Electronic Literature Collection, Volume 2' and the ‘ELMCIP Anthology of European Electronic Literature’, and has been presented at international festivals, exhibitions and conferences. She also publishes at her own site

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