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ALIS company and i-Trace collective, Separation


Separation: an online creation and a performance based on the separation of words.  The creation entitled Separation takes two forms (an online creation - for PC, tablet and smartphone – and a live performance). It is the result of a collaboration between the ALIS performing arts company ( and the i-Trace digital collective ( This creation (in its versions for the stage and for the Web) deals with the theme of separation (considered as both detachment and rupture). The creation is based on the ALIS company’s work on the separation of words. Indeed, the company has invented a technique called la Poésie à 2 mi-mots (two half-words poetry or cutting edge poetry), and has been developing it for the past ten years. This technique makes it possible to create sequences based on the idea that words which are halved horizontally, contain the half of other words ( These often humorous productions raise fundamental questions about the language, the writing process and the Digital. The website (in progress):  An online version for PC and an app for tablets and smartphones will be available in 2014. In the live performance, we will use a tablet, a PC and a Kinect device. We will make the audience participate: they will propose words that we will manipulate. 


ALIS was created in 1982, in Paris, by Pierre Fourny ( Since 1990, the company lives and works in Fère-en-Tardenois, a small town in northern France. Plays, as well as exhibitions, events and films, trace a surprising body of work in which the word is seized within the image of what it enunciates, and the image is interpreted absolutely literally. ALIS’ inventions — a theater of forms, a visual theater — gently disturb comfortable standards of perception to reveal paths which lead reality towards us and make it make sense. 

The i-Trace collective ( is composed of four French creators: Serge Bouchardon (researcher and author), Luc Dall’Armellina (author, designer and researcher), Vincent Volckaert (author and engineer) and Hervé Zénouda (musician and researcher). Their creations have been exhibited in Europe and North America and have been published in online reviews (bleuOrange, Hyperrhiz, SpringGun). The creation Loss of Grasp ( won the New Media writing Prize 2011.

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