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Alan Bigelow, My Life in Three Parts


Alan Bigelow writes digital stories and poems for the web. His work, installations, and conversations concerning electronic literature have appeared in many galleries, international competitions, festivals, and journals. 

You can see his work at


"My Life in Three Parts" addresses the question of how personal identity is influenced by the language of the web. Our online interactions are often circumscribed by tracking software and various social networks. As a result, our identities--how we view ourselves and how others view us--are shaped and expressed, in part, by personal browsing practices and the vocabulary associated with those practices.

So what do our autobiographies look like in this new world? To answer this question, "My Life in Three Parts" ignores the conventions of traditional autobiography in favor of oblique readings of iconic visual symbols, terminology, and concepts found online within the private and social web-spaces of shopping, art, and mathematics.

This work uses text, images, audio, and videos to create a synthesized narrative of the self. Nothing about personal identity is clear in this work: the life behind the story is only implied.

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