Russian E-lit, an Emerging Community. A report on Russian collection in the ELMCIP

Since early 90-s, identified by net art and net literature development and associated with such celebrate names as Olia Lialina and Alexandre Shulgin. Teneta Literary Prize first introduced net literature as a nomination. In the mid 2000s the focus was changed to media poetry and groups like Orbita, Dreli kuda popalo etc came into play. 2010 the first block dedicated to E-lit is published in the leading literary magazine New Literary Observer and the term e-lit first appears in the Russian scholarly discourse. Young artists like Anna Tolkacheva (Nizhny Novgorod) and Ivan Khimin (St - Petersburg) intuitively work, without knowing much about their European or American predecessors, in digital performance, generative poetics, and digital archeology. ELMCIP Russian collection of e-lit project is expected to result in structuring the e-lit communities and their practice and its sources. This will lead to the better understanding of post Soviet Russian language literary landscape in general and specific of mediated experiments within it.