Conference Registration

Register for the conference using PayPal or credit card.

Policies and Fees

 Everyone presenting, exhibiting, or planning to attend sessions in the Media Arts Show or the Academic Paper Program must register for the conference.  The conference fee includes the conference dinner on Friday, coffee breaks, and transportation from the hotel to the conference site.

 Several Pre-Conference Workshops will be offered on June 17-18 (Narrative Intelligence) and June 18 (all others).  See the Workshops page for details.  To attend one or more of these events, select an option that includes the Workshop Pass.  Hotel rooms at the conference rate are available for pre-conference days.  The Workshop Pass is $55.

 Members of the Narrative Intelligence research group may register for the Workshop Pass separately (Group I, below), and are invited to join ELO and register for the main Conference as well.  Anyone else attending Workshops must also register for the Conference.

 Conference registration requires current ELO membership.  If you renewed your membership within the last 12 months (e.g., at the 2013 Paris conference), you may choose an option that does not include membership renewal (Group III, below).

 Undergraduates, graduate students, artists and scholars not currently in tenured or tenure-leading positions may join ELO for USD $30.  If you are in this category, select an option from Group II, below.  You may NOT select options from this group if you are on a tenure track, but not yet tenured.  All tenured and tenure-track faculty must pay the standard ELO membership rates, and the standard conference fee.

If you are not a current ELO member or if you need to renew, you may choose an option including either the $50 General Membership (Group IV), or one including the $100 Sponsor Membership (Group V).  For differences between General and Sponsor membership levels, please see

 ELO membership and contributions to the Conference Travel Fund are tax deductible.
Registration Procedure

 To register for the conference, please complete the following steps:

1.  From the fee options described below, choose ONE.

2.  To pay online via PayPal or credit card, select your option in the drop-down menu below.

3.  Press the ADD TO CART button to complete your transaction.

 4.  Consider making a voluntary contribution to the Conference Travel Fund, to defray expenses for students and non-affiliated artists and scholars.  Contributions are text-deductible.

 5.  Continue to the Doubletree Hotel registration site to make your reservations.

Registration Options – all prices in U.S. dollars

I.  Workshop Pass Only

Option A – $55

II.  Students and Non-Affiliated Artists

Option B – Conference fee, membership already paid


Option C – Conference fee plus student/non-affiliated membership

$120 + $30 = $150

Option D – Conference fee, membership, workshop pass

$120 + $30 + $55 = $205

III.  Current ELO Members

Option E – Conference fee only


Option F – Conference fee, workshop pass

$175 + $55 = $230

IV.  New or renewing ELO members, General Member level ($50)

 Option G – Conference fee, General membership

$50 + $175 = $225

 Option H – Conference fee, General membership, workshop pass

$175 + $50 + $55 = $280

V.  New or renewing ELO members, Sponsor Member level ($100)

 Option I – Conference fee, Sponsor membership

$175 + $100 = $275

 Option J – Conference fee, Sponsor membership, workshop pass

$175 + $100 + $55 = $330

Conference and Membership Options

Donate to the Conference Travel Fund. Please consider making an additional donation to a fund to help make it possible for financially challenged early career artists and scholars to attend the conference.