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Conference Themes


Image by JoBSPapa

The Conference and Media Art Show invite proposals an any subject concerning verbal artworks with significant electronic or computational elements. Contributions to previous ELO events have addressed the history and state of the art, intersections of poetics and technology, the nature of digital literarcies, problems of interpretation, and the place of electronic literature in various cultural processes. Such topics (and others) are all welcome this year.

The conference title, "Hold the Light," is inspired by the practice of Milwaukee-based political artists Overpass Light Brigade, who create advocacy messages by holding LED signboards bearing individual letters. Is this (and the group's extensive social-media presence) a form of "electronic writing?" This question foregrounds an emerging challenge: how can we define electronic writing as a field of focus, at a time when nearly all writing occurs in digital contexts? Who are we, as electronic writers -- as political, economic, and particularly gendered subjects? Are we interested primarily in experiments with the internal logics of media, or do we align our work with social dynamics, movements, and even commercial markets?

What can we mean by electronic literature now, and in years to come?